AirForces Monthly - October 2013

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 “You Break Them, We Move Them”
Derek Bower explains how ‘aircraft post-crash management’ and aircraft transportation is handled within the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

Preparing for Armageddon
Luca Giandomenico Polidori reviews France’s nuclear air power.

As wildfires ravage many parts of California, Neil Dunridge looks at the US Air Force’s fire-fighting Hercules.

AFRICA SPECIAL: Mercenaries in Africa
Africa’s wars are a magnet for mercenaries – Al Venter explains how these hired guns and their gunships have changed the course of history.

AFRICA SPECIAL: Somalia’s Youth Against the World
Tom Hart tells of the continuing war in the Horn of Africa against Al-Shabaab, an off-shoot of Al Qaeda, whose name means ‘The Youth’.

AFRICA SPECIAL: Africa’s Top Guns
North Africa is seen by many as the ‘next Afghanistan’. Joe Coles looks at the capabilities available to the continent’s air forces.

AFRICA SPECIAL: Years of the ‘Flossie’
Christopher Szabo tells the story of the world’s oldest fleet of Hercules transport aircraft, still going strong in South Africa.

Proving the Concept
Guy Warner revisited the Royal Navy’s 750 Naval Air Squadron and  its Avenger T1s at RNAS Culdrose to see how rear crew training is progressing – one year on.
Turning & Burning in the Land of ‘No Slack’
Robert F Dorr and Jim Haseltine describe how US Air Force pilots train to fly and fight in the single-seat F-15C Eagle.

Angels of the Med
Everyday can bring life or death situations for the HH-3F aviators at Trapani-Birgi airport on the western tip of Sicily, as Francesco Militello Mirto found.

Italy’s New Hospital Helicopter
The veteran HH-3F Pelican is a hard act to follow, but Francesco Militello Mirto and Luca La Cavera say the Italian Air Force is confident it has a worthy – albeit temporary – replacement in the AgustaWestland HH-139A.

Qasim – In the Thick of the Action
Alan Warnes visited the Pakistan Army base at Qasim, in Rawalpindi, which is playing a major part in the country’s war against terrorism.

Iran’s ‘Grandmothers’
The Iranian Air Force still operates Boeing 707s – fondly referred to as ‘Grandmothers’ –as Babak Taghvaee explains.


Dr Dave Sloggett considers the impact of the violent political unrest in Egypt on its own air force.

Deployments and Contracts


Ops Board
All of the events and airshows of the coming months and the first dates for 2014.

Force Report: US Army Air National Guard
Tom Kaminski describes the aviation component of America’s Army National Guard, an enormous military machine.

Correspondence from our readers.

Postcard from… Hungary
The first airshow at Kecskemét Air Base in Hungary for three years was blessed with hot, sunny weather, bringing out the best in the diverse fast jet displays.

Postcard from… Poland
The Polish Air Force held its biennial international airshow at Radom Air Base in August – François Brévot was there to capture the action.

Postcard from… Russia
Our third report from behind the former Iron Curtain looks at the highlights of the biennial MAKS international airshow, held at Zhukovsky near Moscow.

And Finally…
Israel’s ‘One and Only’ – Yissachar Ruas talks to the commander of the Israeli Air Force’s One Squadron.