AirForces Monthly - August 2013

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NEWS SPECIAL: The Long Adios!
Salvador Mafé Huertas reports on the Spanish Air Force’s farewell event for the Dassault Mirage F1 – or was it?

Silent Sentinel
Andrew Brookes considers a future for the RAF’s Sentinel fleet post-Afghanistan operations – will it survive the proposed axe once Operation Herrick is complete?

AIRCRAFT PROFILE: A400M: More Than a Grizzly Tale
AFM’s Jerry Gunner brings us up-to-date with this important pan-European programme just before it was due to enter service with the French Air Force.

Italian Defenders
Francesco Militello Mirto and Gian Carlo Vecchi visited Trapani and Grosseto, two important Aeronautica Militare Italiano (AMI) air defence bases where Eurofighter’s Typhoon is in full operational service.

COVER FEATURE: Red Baron moves to Eurofighter
As the Luftwaffe’s JG 71 retires the F-4F Phantom, Eurofighter steps in to be the Red Baron’s new mount.

Enter Poseidon
Michael Glynn reports as the Boeing P-8A Poseidon enters fleet service with the United States Navy.

AIRCRAFT PROFILE: Short Brothers’ C-23 Sherpa
Tom Kaminski describes the utilitarian workhorse – an important asset to both the US Army and the USAF.

SAR: That others may live
The Uruguayan Air Force provides the nation’s main search and rescue assets – Santiago Rivas reports.

SAR: Magic Merlins
Dirk Jan de Ridder and Menso van Westrhenen visit the Portuguese Air Force’s Esquadra at Montijo Air Base.


Opinion: Afghanistan post-NATO Dr Dave Sloggett, having recently visited Afghanistan, examines the reality of the NATO withdrawal in 2014.


Deployments and Contracts

Some of the best images from AFM readers.

Force Report: Royal Singapore Air Force
As the Far East air arm approaches its 45th anniversary, Dr Dave Sloggett looks at its capability.

Exercise Report: Anatolian Eagle
Peter R Foster was in Turkey for the annual Anatolian Eagle exercise, this year featuring some Middle Eastern players.

Exercise Report: Air Solution
Serbs and Romanians recently got together for joint training, as Igor Salinger explains.

Exercise Report: EATT 2013
Transport crews from across Europe descended on Spain, as Karl Drage describes.

Postcard from… Netherlands
AFM went to the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s centenary celebrations at Volkel, and it certainly lived up to expectations.

Postcard from… Germany
Every enthusiast had this event on their calendar - the Luftwaffe’s official goodbye to the F-4F Phantom – AFM was there too.

Exercise Report: Tiger Meet 2013
Norway was once again the host nation for the NATO Tiger Meet, as Michael Hall illustrates in this photo-report.

Postcard from… UK
RAF Waddington’s airshow is always one to savour, and glorious weather this year made it doubly so.

Ops Board
All of the events and airshows for the summer.

And Finally…  Farnborough Return for Shiny Two
Alec Walker reports on why the RAF’s oldest fixedwing squadron flew into its birthplace of 101 years ago.