AirForces Monthly - May 2013

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North American News Special 

Golden Knights receive New Twin Otter.  The parachute display team of the US Army has taken delivery of the first of its three new UV-18C Twin Otter aircraft, Tom Kaminski gives the details. 


Plugging the MPA Gap 

Following a recent government report, Dr Dave Sloggett analyses the implications of the loss of Nimrod and explores options for a new UK maritime patrol aircraft. 


Neuburg’s Eurofighter Evolution 

Dr Andreas Zeitler and Alexander Golz visit Neuburg Air Base in Germany where the Luftwaffe’s Jagdgeschwader 74 has celebrated five years operating the Eurofighter. 


Flying with Spanish Hookers 

Dirk Jan de Ridder and Menso van Westrhenen visited BHELTRA V, the sole Spanish Army battalion flying the CH-47 Chinook, still going strong after nearly 40 years. 


Harvest HAWK 

Neil Dunridge profiles the US Marines Corps’ latest attack Hercules operating in Afghanistan. 



Aircraft Profile: The F-15E and its relations – 25 years of serious airpower 

Boeing’s F-15E is the same age as AFM, joining the US Air Force in April 1988.  David C Isby investigates how the big mud-mover has been developed, exported and what the future holds. 


‘Wolfpack’ – Protecting the Korean Peninsula 

With tensions between the two Korean nations close to breaking point, the United States’ Pacific Air Force’s 8th Fighter Wing is on the front line – as Robert F Dorr reports. 


Aircraft Profile: Lockheed U-2S 

Dragon Lady’s Second Chance.  Once slated for replacement by unmanned aerial vehicles, the U-2 continues to defy retirement, as Michael Buckle explains. 


Aircraft Profile: Lockheed U-2S 

Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere: Frank van der Avoort and Johan Franken visited the Dragon Lady’s home base at Beale Air Force Base in California to find out how the U-2 operates today. 


Indian Jags Resurgent 

Simon Watson describes how the Indian Air Force’s fleet of SEPECAT Jaguar strike aircraft is getting a new lease of life. 


Troublespot: Yemen 

Falling Apart?  The Horn of Africa is one of the most dangerous places on earth – with Al-Qaeda, other militant Islamic groups and insurgents causing chaos, it’s unlikely the security situation has ever been worse, as Tom Hart explains. 












Opinion: Pensive Peninsular 

Dr Dave Sloggett reviews the situation in the Korean peninsular – is war inevitable? 


Deployments and Contracts 




Force Report: South African Air Force 

Alan Warnes looks at an air force in crisis as fierce budget cuts ground half its fighter fleet. 



Some of the best of recent images sent in by AFM readers. 


Exercise Report: Cobra Gold 

Gordon Arthur was at this large multi-nation exercise held recently in Thailand. 


Ops Board 

All the latest cancellations from sequestration-hit America. 


And Finally…A Family Affair 

Alan Kenny reports from RAF Leeming on a unique father and son flight.