AirForces Monthly - April 2013

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Out of the Shadows

Tim Ripley pieces together the story of the secretive Beechcraft Shadow R1 in service with the RAF’s 14 Squadron.


Difficult Choices

In the first AFM, 25 years ago, we looked at the Royal Air Force as it celebrated its 70th anniversary.  Andrew Brookes examines the stark choices facing Britain’s Government in the Strategic Defence and Security Review scheduled for 2015.


Northern Exposure?            

Twenty-five years ago the notion of a Scottish Air Force would have been met with derision.  However, a referendum on Scottish independence is due to be held in Scotland next year.  Stephen Taylor looks at the effect a ‘break-up of Britain’ might have on the Royal Air Force and how a post-independence Scottish Air Force might look.


Born to be Wild

The redoubtable Lynx has been in production for an impressive 35 years.  Joe Coles asks whether its latest incarnation, the AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat, will last as long.


25 Years of AirForces Monthly! 

We take a quick jaunt down memory lane, highlighting key aviation issues over the last quarter of a century.


Low Fly, French Style

Philip Stevens travelled to France to learn about French low-flying tactics

and training.


Sweden’s Helicopter Wing

Alan Warnes examines how the Swedish Armed Forces Helicopter Wing has become one of the most modern helicopter forces in Europe as it continues to support ISAF operations in Afghanistan.




Opinion: Fact or Fiction?    

Joe Coles describes Iran’s ‘new stealth fighter!’




Ops Board:

AFM’s guide to exercises and airshows in the months to come.


Deployment Report: Force Extenders

Martin Scharenborg and Ramon Wenink/Global Aviation Review Press report on the work of the US Air Force’s 908th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron (EARS) in South-West Asia.


Force Report:

Bangladesh Air Force

Dr Séan Wilson/Prime Images assisted by Paul Mulligan visits Bangladesh and interviews the outgoing Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal S M Ziaur Rahman.


Force Report:

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Air Force

Sérgio Santana has extensively researched the air arm of this secretive pariah state.


Exercise Report: Down in the Desert – Italian Style

For the fourth time in recent years, Israeli and Italian air forces have conducted joint exercises.  Yissachar Ruas reports for AFM on ‘Ovda 2013’.


And Finally…

Future War in Art: South Africa 2027

Tim O’Brian, GAvA, imagines operations in South Africa in the not so distant future.