AirForces Monthly - March 2013

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Operation Serval – French Forces Strike in Mali
AFM’s four-page news special on France’s military intervention in Mali, one of several emerging trouble-spots in Africa.

Soaring Ahead: 208(R) Squadron
Slated for disbandment just a few months ago, the RAF’s Hawk T1 advanced jet training squadron is being given a new task, as Tim Ripley explains.

Savoie’s Autumn
As the French Air Force’s last Mirage F1 squadron sees action in Mali, Christophe Gasztych describes the unit’s present and future tasks.

Pivoting around the Arctic Sea
Dr Dave Sloggett reviews Russia’s renewed interest in the Arctic region and suggests why new air bases are being constructed in the north of the country.

Ike of Arabia
Gert Kromhout reports from the USS Dwight D Eisenhower during her deployment to the Arabian Sea in late 2012.

East European MiGs: Old MiGs Never Die…
Both Serbia and Croatia fly veteran MiG fighters – as Aleksandar Radic found, both nations are investigating ways to keep their jets operational beyond 2013.

East European MiGs: Sliač Fulcrums
Danijel Vuković reports from Sliač Air Base in Slovakia, home to the country’s MiG-29 Fulcrums.

East European MiGs: More Than Meets the Eye
Alexander Mladenov discovers how Bulgaria’s MiG-29 community is fully exploiting its Fulcrums by introducing Western-style air combat training.

Eurofighter – Second-hand for Eastern Europe?
New technology is transforming Eurofighter’s Typhoon into a true swing-role fighter, but its high cost puts it beyond the reach of many countries.  Tomislav Mesarić looks at its prospects in Eastern Europe as a second-hand buy.

US Coast Guard: Marvellous Miami
Ted Carlson/ went to Miami, Florida, to visit the US Coast Guard Air Station at Opa-Locka.

US Coast Guard: Guardians of the Golden Gate
On the western side of the US one of the smaller USCG units can be found at San Francisco.  Carlo Kuit and Paul Kievit/Bronco Aviation visited and found that its motto, ‘Semper Paratus’ (Always Prepared) is a statement of fact.





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Opinion: F-35 – Canada
Blair Watson outlines how the Harper Government’s proposed purchase of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 is becoming a major public concern.

Opinion: F-35 – Performance Woes
Former RAF fighter pilot David Hamilton assesses the impact of another critical report on the F-35 programme, which claims the fighter is failing to meet original performance requirements.

Deployments & Contracts


Force Report: Russian Air Force
In a 24-page special, Dr Séan Wilson details the recent changes to what is still one of the world’s most formidable air arms.

Exercise Report: Beyond the Arctic Circle
Andrey Zinchuk and Alexander Mladenov report from Russia’s recent large-scale, combined-arms exercise in the hostile Barents Sea.

Force Report: Iraqi Air Force
Alan Warnes looks at how the new Iraqi Air Force is emerging from the shadow of Saddam Hussein with american help.

More from the Editor’s postbag. 

Ops Board
AFM’s guide to exercises and airshows in the months to come.

And Finally…
Esteban Brea reports on the Argentine Air Force’s 40th anniversary celebration for its Mirage IIIEA/DA fighter, a veteran of the Falklands War.