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F-22A Raptor

In AFM’s second aircraft profile, Tom Kaminski examines the US Air Force’s first stealth fighter.


Being Vigilant in Notts.          

Gliders and sailplanes are among the most numerous types in the Royal Air Force’s inventory.  AFM’s Jerry Gunner went to RAF Syerston to find out why.


RAPTOR – Bringing home the goods

Peter R Foster and AFM look at the history and future of the RAF’s main reconnaissance tool, the RAPTOR pod, carried by the Tornado GR4.


Lightning II: No Shocks Now?

Andrew Brookes reviews the F-35 programme as a crucial year approaches with US defence cuts looming.


Time for T-X

Now that the US Air Force has released key performance parameters for its required advanced jet trainer, Ben Montgomery looks at the force’s T-X project.


Hips in a hurry

Dr Jakub Fojtik describes a project for training Afghan and US helicopter crews on Mi-17 helicopters at Pardubice in the Czech Republic.


Armoured Workhorse

Alexander Mladenov assesses the latest developments in the Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot programme.


Switzerland Meets the Gripen

AFM reviews Switzerland’s Northrop F-5 Tiger replacement programme.


Leader’s legacy

Georg Mader spoke to the Swiss Air Force commander, Lt Gen Markus Gygax shortly before he was due to leave office.







North America

Latin America

Russia and CIS

Middle East


Asia Pacific









Contracts and Deployments


US Sequestration: “Shooting Ourselves in the Head”
Blair Watson considers the impact of impending sequestration of US Government finances on the defence budget, especially that of the air force.

Force Report: Croatian Air Force and Air Defence. 
Alan Warnes visited the Mediterranean nation and tells how the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence is facing up to the 21st Century.

Exercise Report: ZLOT 2012. 
Krzysztof Kuska visited the biggest and most important field training exercise in Polish military aviation.
Exercise Report: Exercise VOLCANEX 2012. 
VOLCANEX was held at the disused airfield of Vouziers-Séchault in France.  Joris van Boven was there for AFM.

Exercise Report: Noble Mariner 12. 
Jim Winchester went to sea with the French Navy.

Postcard from… Switzerland
AFM’s editor Gary Parsons went to the Swiss Alps to report on the action from the annual AXALP exercise.

Postcard from… Japan
A selection of stunning images from the autumn airshow season in Japan.

Readers contribute topical images from around the globe.

Ops Board
In response to readers’ demands, we present the first of a new regular monthly feature – AFM’s guide to exercises and airshows in months to come. 

And Finally… Down at the Nook
Alyson M Elwood profiles RAF Donna Nook on England’s east coast, where seals bask on the sand as Typhoon and Tornado jets practise their craft.