AirForces Monthly - November 2012

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FREE POSTER - Still Dirty at 30!

Panavia’s Tornado is still the backbone of the RAF’s strike force, even after 30 years of service. Our pull-out poster celebrates the latest colour schemes to adorn the air force’s Tornado GR4s.

Blue-Starred Defenders in Training

Following last month’s in-depth force report, Shlomo Aloni explains in detail how the Israel Air and Space Force (IASF) trains its fast jet pilots.

RAF Fighter 2022

Just what will the RAF’s fighter force look like in ten years? Our crystal-ball gazer is Jon Lake.

Switzerland’s Part-time Pilots

Luca Polidori flies with the Swiss Air Force’s militia pilots, set to disappear once the F-5E Tiger II is replaced with the Gripen.


Training to the Finnish

Derek Bower reports from Finland where the Hawk is being upgraded to train future Hornet pilots.


Hinds Bowing Out?

AFM takes a look at the Mi-24 Hinds serving with East European air arms and how long they may continue to serve.


Getting off the Fencer

Alexander Mladenov explains how the Russian Air Force is modernising its ageing Su-24M Fencer-Ds.


Frisbee Transport

Kees van der Mark visited Geilenkirchen Air Base in Germany to learn more about NATO’s new Boeing 757 training platform for E-3A crews.


Opinion: Tanker crisis for the RAF?

AFM’s Jerry Gunner analyses the RAF’s air refuelling options and asks whether the planned force structure will work after the VC10 is retired.


Opinion: The Missing Harriers…

Some of our ex-RAF Harriers are missing.  Cox reveals where they have gone...




Force Report: Ukrainian Navy

Dr Séan Wilson/Prime Images, assisted by Valeriy Romanenko, gives an overview of a small ex-Soviet air arm. 


Exercise Report: Maple Flag 2012

Key Publishing’s Glenn Sands spent time in Canada as Maple Flag unfolded this summer.

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