AirForces Monthly - October 2012

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Features include:

North-Western Guardians

Robert F Dorr visited the ‘Redhawks’ of the Oregon Air National Guard to learn about the ‘serious stuff’ that makes up the mission of their Boeing F-15C/D Eagles flying from Portland. Photography by James Haseltine. 


Opinion: Enforcing a Syrian No-Fly Zone

Dr Dave Sloggett examines the issues of creating a no-fly zone over Syria and finds it is not an easy task. 


The Third shall be First! 

AFM’s Editor speaks to personnel from 3(F) Squadron at RAF Coningsby, which claims to be the oldest fixed-wing unit in the Royal Air Force, if not the world. 


Iberian Typhoon 

Salvador Mafé Huertas reports from Morón Air Base on how the Spanish Air Force (Ejército del Aire – EdA) is adapting to the Eurofighter Typhoon. 


Still Phlying, Despite the Euro Crisis 

Despite Greece’s economic woes, the Hellenic Air Force continues to carry out its tasks unhindered.  Neil Dunridge and Kevin Jackson report from Lárisa Air Base. 



Film star Halo 

AFM’s Jerry Gunner was lucky enough to visit the set of the new Bruce Willis movie, A Good Day to Die Hard, to witness filming involving an enormous Mi-26 Halo transport helicopter. 



A bumper crop of correspondence from the Editor’s postbag. 

Boelcke’s Bombers go multi-role 

Dirk Jan de Ridder and Menso van Westrhenen visited Jagdbombergeschwader 31 ‘Boelcke’ at Nörvenich, the Luftwaffe’s first fighter-bomber wing to replace the Tornado with the Eurofighter Typhoon. 


Apache’s Reserve 

Jean-Sebastien Seytre flies with Apache Aviation, which provides combat air training support to French air forces. 


Force Report: Syrian Arab Air Force 

Tom Hart and AFI look at the Syrian government’s available air power, as the troubles in the country escalate. 


Force Report: Israel Air and Space Force  

Johan Franken and Frank Van Der Avoort tell AFM readers about the Heyl Ha’Avir (Israel Air and Space Force – IASF), one of the world’s busiest air forces with a huge array of high-tech equipment.  


Olympic Eye of the Tiger 

Lewis Gaylard visited the Royal Navy’s 814 Naval Air Squadron as it stood guard in the south of England for the Olympic Games. 


Exercise Report: Red Flag 2012/4 

The latest Red Flag exercise had the Colombian Air Force taking part for the first time – Chris Wood reports. 


Exercise Report: Hot Blade 2012 

Paulo Mata reports from Portugal on one of Europe’s biggest helicopter exercises. 


Postcard from… Russia 

AFM travelled to Russia for the Russian Air Force’s 100th anniversary airshow at Zhukovsky – and what a show it was! 

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