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All the very latest military aviation news and attrition reports from around the world including Maiden flight of the first UK F-35B, Exercise Joint Warrior, A400M high-altitude tests in Bolivia and more.

No longer a Tiger's Lair
Sebastien Buyck reports on the closure of Cambrai, one of France’s most famous fighter bases, and the disbandment of EC 1/12.

Canada and the F-35: “Nearly Played For Fools…”
Blair Watson looks at the most recent developments in Canada’s F-35 procurement plan – could the Canadian Government be the first victim of the Joint Strike Fighter’s spiralling cost?

Cavalry business
A year on from the start of NATO’s campaign in Libya against pro-Gaddafi forces, Frederic Lert reveals for the first time how the ALAT (French Army Light Aviation) sounded the charge in best cavalry fashion.

Manas – main gate to Afghanistan
Martin Scharenborg and Ramon Wenink/Global Aviation Review Press report on the activities of the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing based at Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan, Asia.

Battling Pirates in the Indian Ocean
The efforts of Portuguese and South African forces against pirates in the Indian Ocean.

Force Report: Slovenian Air Force
During 2011, the armed forces of the Republic of Slovenia celebrated the 20th anniversary of the independence of their state. Robin Polderman visited the air force in this mountainous NATO-member country to see how it has evolved.

Exercise Report: Lion Effort 2012
The air forces of the Gripen User Group gathered in March at Ronneby, home of the Swedish Air Force’s (SAF) Blekinge Wing. Tomislav Mesaric reports.

Exercise Report: Cold Blaze 2012
Stephan de Bruijn/Bluelife Aviation reports on a Dutch helicopter exercise in deepest Norway.

FALKLANDS 30: Final 16-Part Section including:

Super Étendard: Strike against the Sheffield
Augusto Bedacarratz was an Argentine Navy Lt Commander in 1982, and one of ten CANA pilots trained to fly the Super Étendard.  He commanded the flight that attacked HMS Sheffield – recently he talked to Santiago Rivas.

Aircraft of the campaign
Art profiles of aircraft featured in this month’s stories.

Herculean task
Of all the British types that participated in the Falklands War of 1982, few remain in service.  Derek Bower highlights the C-130K Hercules’ involvement in Operation Corporate.

A very remarkable helicopter
The RAF has one of its most famous aircraft still serving on the front line – Chinook HC2 ZA718/BN, otherwise known as ‘Bravo November’.

RAF Today
Fighter aircraft have come and gone in the three decades since the Falklands conflict, but the RAF steadfastly remains in the vanguard of protecting islanders nearly 8,000 miles from the British mainland.

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