AirForces Monthly - May 2012

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COVER STORY: Rafale Resurgent!
A recent Swiss report boosted Rafale’s international reputation while damning Typhoon with very faint praise – Jon Lake investigates. 

Special F-X
Marlon Dequito looks at the next big battleground for Rafale, the Brazilian Air Force’s combat aircraft modernisation project F-X2. 

AFM outlines the aircraft involved in the Falkland Islands’ conflict of 1982 and which are still a core part of Argentina’s Air Force today. First is IAI’s Dagger: two Argentine Air Force pilots tell Santiago Rivas the story of the first air strike of the war. 

FALKLANDS 30: C-SAR over the South Atlantic
Santiago Rivas talked to the commander of one of the two Bell 212s based on the islands during 1982. 

FALKLANDS 30: Through blood and fire
Comodoro Roberto Címbaro was a lieutenant in 1982 and one of the first pilots deployed to the Malvinas with the FMA Pucará. He spoke with Santiago Rivas for AFM. 

FALKLANDS 30: Turning the Hercules into a bomber
Brigadier Mayor Alberto Vianna tells Santiago Rivas how the C-130H Hercules was modified into a bomber during the 1982 war. 

FALKLANDS 30: Aircraft of the Fuerza Aérea Argentina (FAA), May 1982
Colour profiles of aircraft featured in our Falklands War stories. 

FALKLANDS 30: Defending the Islands in the 21st Century
Thirty years ago the invasion of the Falklands caught Britain on the hop. AFM asks ‘could it be done today’? 

FALKLANDS 30: Where now for the FAA?
Of all the elements of Argentina’s armed forces, the FAA was widely regarded as having enhanced its reputation during the war. But time has eroded its capability – Dr Dave Sloggett explores its future options. 

Rattlers’ Den
Ted Carlson/ flies with the US Navy’s VFA-204, known as the 'River Rattlers'. 

We three Vikings
When the U S Navy initiated the Lockheed S-3B Viking ‘Sundown’ process in 2004, the aircraft was to be gone by early 2009. However, a decision in late 2008 to retain a few gave it the opportunity to continue, as Gary Wetzel reports.

A Flanker by any other name
Bai Wei describes how the Chinese came to make their own version of the Russian Su-27 Flanker. 

SNUG-Fit Harrier
The Spanish Navy is improving its oldest Harriers – Salvador Mafé Huertas reports on the upgrade of its EAV-8Bs. 

Spain’s F1 Finale
Salvador Mafé Huertas looks at the current state of Spain’s Ejército del Aire’s (EdA) Mirage F1 fleet, now in its last months of service.  

Pakistan’s force multiplier
Pakistan is striving to modernise its military forces to help guarantee security of its borders and, for the first time, has purchased a significant air-to-air refuelling capability in the Ilyushin-78MP. Ghazi Ali Shah tells AFM all about the mighty Midas. 

EXCLUSIVE: Hot mission over Davos…
Every year in January, the Swiss Air Force (SAF) patrols and protects the air space over the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos – Kaj-Gunnar Sievert was granted the rare opportunity to join an F/A-18D mission. 

Gathering Storms in the Middle East
Could Israel successfully attack Iran’s nuclear sites? Tim Ripley reviews the feasibility and implications of an Israeli air strike. 

EXCLUSIVE: March Madness at the MoD
Tim Cox questions the latest judgements on the UK’s aircraft carrier plan – which has been in a costly state of flux for 18 months.


Force Report: Colombian Air Force
Chris Knott and Phil Camp review one of the oldest air forces in South America.

Low-fly UK!
AFM’s Essential Guide to Military Low-Level Photography Locations in the UK reaches number 4 in the top ten.

Letters and e-mails from the Editor’s postbag.

And Finally… Future War in Art: Middle East 2024
Tim O’Brien gazes into his crystal ball again... Let us know what you think of our 'future' features at!



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