AirForces Monthly - March 2008

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Thrust Vectoring - New Magic or Old Mirage?
Despite evidence of its potentially devastating impact in air-to-air combat, 'thrust vectoring' never caught on in the West. John Golan investigates why.

Road to Peace
Erik Roelofs and Paul van den Hurk visit Bosnia-Herzegovina and look back on the way peace came to one of Europe's youngest states.

Maintenance Centre 003
AFM's Alan Warnes visits a little-known company which works with the Libyan Air Force at Metiga Air Base in the eastern suburbs of Tripoli.

Into the Dark
Like most modern air forces, the Arm‚e de l'Air routinely trains to fly and fight at night. Henri-Pierre Grolleau explains.

Dishforth Lynx
Emiel Sloot and Luc Hornstra visit Dishforth, North Yorkshire, the main operating base for Army Air Corps Lynx helicopters.

The USAF is currently facing a fighter crisis - the F-15 fleet has been grounded and the F-22's list of shortcomings gets longer, as Robert F Dorr describes.

Inside the RAF - Future Mission Leaders
The RAF's Tactics and Training Wing provides essential support to front line squadrons. During a recent exercise, AFM's Mark Ayton discovered how.

FORCE REPORT: US Pacific Command
Bob Archer looks at the changes being introduced within US Pacific Command.

SHOWBIZ Aeroexpo 08 - Marrakesh-Menara
AFM's Alan Warnes visits Morocco's first aerospace show and finds it well worth the trip.

In the second part of his article, Dave Willis details the use of the Gulfstream II and III in military service and development programmes.

AFM's Dave Allport keeps us up-to-date with the world's military aviation crashes.

Tom Kaminski looks at the latest helicopter to join the US Army inventory. In a departure from the US Army's usual acquisition strategy, it is European!