AirForces Monthly - April 2007

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The world's military aviation news brought to you by AFM and its network of correspondents.

Aero India 2007
AFM's Editor, Alan Warnes, goes to Yelahanka Air Force Station, outside Bangalore, for the sixth Indian aerospace exhibition, which took place from February 7-11.

The Third Invasion Of Iraq Justified?
Ronald Lewis looks at evidence suggesting that Saddam Hussein did have chemical weapons and that the war in Iraq was justified.

The Merlin Has Landed
David Oliver describes the role of the EH 101 Merlin Supporter in Denmark.

FORCE REPORT: A Cypriot Cold War
Marijn van der Burgt visits the Cyprus National Guard and examines the background to the division of Cyprus.

2006 Flashback
AFM selects more highlights from the UK's military aviation assets on deployment around the world in 2006.

A New Fighter For A Changing Force
David Isby offers an overview of the Japanese Air Self Defence Force F-X Competition.

Star Warriors and The Prowler
Ted Carlson/ looks at the role of the EA-6B with Washington DC-based VAQ-209.

SHOWBIZ: Big Guns Go For It!
AFM's Alan Warnes presents highlights from the biennial Aero India 07, held at Yelahanka Air Force Station in February.

SHOWBIZ: Al Ain Aerobatic Show
Berry Vissers visited the annual aerobatic show, held in Abu Dhabi's sunny January weather.

BASE TOUR: Odessa Odyssey
Vladimir Trendafilovski takes a tour of what was once one of the Soviet Union's biggest aircraft repair facilities.

AFM's Dave Allport keeps us up to date with the world's military aviation crashes.

EXERCISE South Atlantic Gunnery
Horacio J Clari /Avialatina reports on how the Argentine Air Force has been formulating CSAR tactics and practising its gunnery skills.

Super Hornet Supplement
AFM's Mark Ayton profiles the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, colloquially known as the Rhino, in a 32-page supplement.
- Super Hornet Development
- Systems and Sensors
- Powerplant
- West Coast Rhinos
- Maiden E - F Deployment
- Comparisons
- FAC(A)
- East Coast Rhinos
- EA-18G Growler