AirForces Monthly - April 2005

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The latest military aviation news, brought to you by the AFM team and its worldwide network of correspondents.

Little Rock's J
Warren E Thompson reports on the introduction of the C-130J into active duty US Air Force service at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas.

Winter Watch - RAF On Alert In Lithuania
RAF Tornado F.3s recently returned from a three-month detachment in Lithuania. Mick Britton takes up the story.

Naval Air Wing 2 Says Goodbye
Stefan Petersen looks at the transfer to the Luftwaffe of the last German Navy Tornados operated by Naval Air Wing 2.

Mission Meulaboh
David Boey watched as military helicopters played a vital role in bringing emergency relief to the shattered town of Meulaboh, following the killer tsunami on December 26.

War Hoovers
Ted Carlson visited NAF Atsugi, Japan, to review the final S-3B Viking operations of Sea Control Squadron 21 (VS-21) 'Fighting Redtails'.

UK Air Base Closures
Tim Ripley previews the UK's Defence Airfield Review, which will dramatically alter the UK's 'airfield topography'.

The Digital Revolution
Dennis Vink of Phodocu offers an insight into the relatively new world of digital photography.

So Long, Orions!
Kees van der Mark looks back at the operational career of the Royal Netherlands Navy's P-3C Orions, recently withdrawn from service.

ISAF Air Assets
AFM reviews the current situation of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) aviation assets in Afghanistan.

Air Force Report: Ukraine Air Force
Bob Archer considers the ongoing evolution of the Ukraine Air Force and its aims to join NATO.

Readers' letters and comments.

AFM's Dave Allport keeps us up to date on the world's military aviation crashes.

Jaguar Draw-down
AFM's Mark Ayton returns to RAF Coltishall, Norfolk, to look at the recent operations of 16 (Reserve) and 54 (F) Squadrons as they prepare for stand-down.