AirForces Monthly - April 2004

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The latest military aviation news, brought to you by the AFM team and its worldwide network of correspondents.

Friend or Foe? Tac Recce Since 1991
Squadron Leader Gerry Pye reviews the development of UK tactical reconnaissance assets since Operation DESERT STORM.

Training combat-ready F/A-18 pilots for the US Marine Corps. Rick Llinares flew with VMFAT-101 at MCAS Miramar.

Air Force Report: The Albanian Air Force
Robin Polderman visits Albania and assesses the reshaping of its Air Force.

Preparing For The Fight
Peter Foster describes Carrier Air Wing 7's recent COMPTUEX with the USS George Washington.

Fighter Forces Of Europe
AFM's editor Alan Warnes reviews the current situation of the fighter forces of European air forces.

Stallions At War
Robert F Dorr reports on the US Marine Corps' CH-53 'Echo' and reflects on its recent combat operations.

Gripen Goes West
Major H†kan Brandt from F7 Wing tells how the Swedish Air Force flew two Gripens to the USA and back.

Europe Gets Mean
Anthony Tucker-Jones considers the thorny issue of European military aviation collaboration and key programmes.

Celebrations In Iran
Holger Mller and Stefan Buettner took pictures of the recent celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Jazzin' It Up
Luigino Caliaro reports from New Orleans on F-15 operations within the 159th Fighter Wing, Louisiana Air National Guard.

Indian Mi-17s In Assam
Phil Camp and Simon Watson look at the versatility of the 42 Wing Mi-17 Hips based at Mohanbari in Assam.

Key's Dave Allport keeps us up to date with the world's military aviation crashes.

Air Force Research: The Brazilian Air Force
Juan Carlos Cicalesi looks at the Brazilian Air Force's current aircraft procurement programmes and its order of battle.

The Odd Couple
Mike Spick compares the F-5 with the MiG-21, two fighters that never fought each other but which remain closely comparable.