AirForces Monthly - December 2003

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The latest military aviation news, brought to you by the AFM team and its worldwide network of correspondents.

RAF Canberra PR.9s
Jon Lake looks at the career of the Canberra PR.9 in recent years.

Herks Over Iraq 2003
David C Isby concludes his review of combat operations undertaken by US C-130s during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

Thirty Years After The October 1973 War
Shlomo Alomi gives an Israeli perspective on air combat operations in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Danish Air Force
Jan Jorgensen examines the evolution of the Danish Air Force from a garrison-based air arm to an expeditionary air force.

Postcards From Kirgyzstan
Henk Jan Meeter and Tom Mollema present a selection of photos from former Russian Air Force bases at Manas, Kant and Frunze-1.

Flotille 12F
Henri-Pierre Grolleau charts the latest developments from the world's first Rafale unit.

Turtmann Closes
The Swiss Air Force reserve base at Turtmann closes in December. Emiel Sloot reports on the final base exercise held in March.

Starfighter Swan-Song
Grazzanise air base, Italy, is home to the 9th Stormo, which will be the last operational F-104 Starfighter unit in the world. David Cenciotti has the details.

Iranian Show Revelations
AFM provides exclusive coverage of a recent Iranian air show held in Teheran, which showed the country's new aircraft purchases and its own new weapons for the first time.

Key's Dave Allport brings us up-to-date on the world's military aviation crashes.

US Navy Orions - Still Hunting
After more than 40 years service, the P-3 Orion remains an integral weapon system within the US Navy arsenal. Rick Burgess reviews the P-3 fleet.