AirForces Monthly - October 2003

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13 pages of news from around the world.

British Air Power in Iraq
Andrew Brookes looks at the way the UK Armed Forces fared in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

NAS Oceana
Key's Mark Nicholls visits the US Navy's Master Air Base at Oceana to report the progress of the conversion from Tomcat to Hornet.

Searching For A NATO Spyplane
Anthony Tucker-Jones describes NATO's evolving airborne Alliance Ground Surveillance System.

Dragons and Pelicans
AFM's Mark Ayton examines the helicopter and aircraft operations of the French Securit‚ Civile.

Pakistan's New Fighters
AFM's Alan Warnes looks at the Chengdu F-7PG in Pakistan Air Force service and at the aircraft and people which shaped its future.

Italy's British Tornados
With the return of the Tornado F3 to the UK, Renzo Sacchetti considers the aircraft's performance in operations with the Italian Air Force.

Cyprus AirWing National Guard
Andreas Parker describes the operations of the little-known Cyprus Air Wing.

BAC 1-11s In Uniform
The retirement of BAC 1-11 XX105 from service with QinetiQ in late June prompts Steven Skinner to look back at the BAC 1-11's military role.

Germany's Testing
Friedrich List explains the role of the Germany's main aviation test facility.

Mirages over Russia
French Air Force pilot Captain Vincent Fournier reports on his unit's exchange to Russia.

Dave Allport brings us up-to-date on military aviation crashes around the world.

MiG-23MLD vs Western Fighters
Ten years after the end of the Cold War, Alexander Mladenov surveys the official Soviet Air Force documents relating to the operational doctrine of the MiG-23MLD.