AirForces Monthly - August 2003

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12 pages covering the latest news from around the world.

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Paris News
AFM's Alan Warnes and Mark Ayton walk the boards to bring you eight pages of news from the aerospace industry.

Iraq War by Numbers
Tim Ripley reviews the first dossier compiled by the USAF on the air operations during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

Germany's Flying Border Guards
Frederich List looks at the helicopters flown by Germany's Border Police.

Apache in Iraq
What lessons did the AH-64D Longbow take from its first war? David C Isby investigates.

Romanian Fishbeds
Danut Vlad charts the career of the Fishbed in Romania and gazes into its future.

Life and Times of the Strike Eagle
Steve Davies looks at the F-15E Strike Eagle.

European Specials
Some of the special colour schemes being worn this summer.

Peruvian Fitters Unveiled
Not a great deal is known about the Peruvian Fitter. Cesar Cruz attempts to shed some light.

RAF Storm Shadows
A pictorial view of a 617 Sqn Tornado GR.4 carrying two MBDA Storm Shadow, with Geoffrey Lee behind the camera.

Poland's Goals
Jack Silent considers the way in which the Polish Air Arms are progressing now that Poland is a member of NATO.

Aircraft of the USAF Survey
AFM's Mark Ayton reviews the command structure of the USAF and the types it operates. To be continued next month.

Key's Dave Allport brings us up-to-date with the latest military aviation crashes around the world.

Canada's Fab 4
There are T-33s still flying in Canada, as Stefan Degraef and Edwin Borremans found out when they visited CFB Cold Lake.