AirForces Monthly - July 2003

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All the latest military aviation news from around the world, compiled by the AFM team.

Heading Home
AFM's Mark Ayton flies in a VC-10 alongside Harriers and Tornados returning to the UK following action in Gulf War II.

Hard, Smart and Accurate
David C Isby discusses the role of the new precision guided munitions used in Gulf War II.

Air Forces of Europe Survey
AFM and its excellent network of European correspondents offer an update to the three-part survey published last year.
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A Sad Day
Two pilots died when two F-15Cs crashed in Scotland last year. Steve Davies looks at the outcome of the court martial brought against an RAF Air Traffic Controller.

Back Home at Marham
AFM watches the Tornados returning from the Gulf.

Back Home at Cottesmore
After the Tornados, it was the turn of the Harriers: AFM was there.

Mirage 2000-5s over Taiwan
Henri-Pierre Grolleau visits Taiwan to gauge the progress of the Mirage 2000-5s in service there.

On the Nimitz
A Fighter Wing comprising all four differing Hornet models, plus Super Hornet action in Iraq - AFM's Alan Warnes finds life unique on board the USS Nimitz.

Key's Dave Allport with his monthly review of military aviation crashes around the world.

Fighting Terror in Algeria
Mike Knights looks at the way in which the Algerian Air Force is modernising its 'counter-insurgency' operations.