AirForces Monthly - June 2003

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All the latest military news from around the world.

First Strike
Wg Cdr 'Moose' Poole MA describes from the cockpit the first RAF offensive sorties aimed at toppling Saddam Hussein's regime, starting from night one.

Air Power over Baghdad
Tim Ripley looks at the role of air power in the fall of the Iraqi capital.

RAF Post Saddam
AFM's Alan Dawes highlights the new experiences that faced the RAF during the war against Saddam Hussein, and looks at what the future may hold.

Intelligence Air War
David C Isby considers the various ISR (intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance) platforms used in the air war over Iraq.

Formidable Fighters Survey
AFM lists what it believes are the top eight next generation fighters.

Indian Bisons
India now operates upgraded MiG-21s. Jagan Pillarisetti presents a photographic tour of the aircraft.

Seek and Destroy
Michael Russell Rip and James M Hasik look at the way in which the USAF is attempting to develop systems which can see and destroy Time Critical Targets

Nevatim Wakes Up
Shlomo Aloni finds that an Israeli Air Force airbase once threatened with closure is now looking ahead to a lively and purposeful career.

CIA Hips
American Hips are operating in Afghanistan. Jeroen Brinkman reveals more.

War Diary
AFM's Mark Ayton concludes his diary on the events that unfolded in and over Iraq.

Serbian Special Ops
Serbia's special operations unit was recently disbanded following its role in the assassination of the country's Prime Minister, Zoran Djindjich. Aleksandir Raksic presents more details about this very secret unit.

Key's Dave Allport keeps up-to-date with military aviation crashes around the globe.

Keep On Trucking
Lt Cdr Rick Burgess USN (Ret) reviews the C-130 Hercules in US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Service.