AirForces Monthly - May 2003

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All the latest military aviation news, including updates on Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

Attacking Iraq [Operation Iraqi Freedom]
Tim Ripley looks at the opening air moves of the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Air Power Assessment
Michael Knights reports from Washington on how the US hierarchy believes the air war is progressing.

Passing Through
RAF Mildenhall is being used as a staging post for aircraft heading towards and returning from the Gulf. AFM presents a photographic portfolio of movements during March.

Hide and Seek Pt 1
In the first of a two-part article on the American quest to detect 'Time Critical Targets', Michael Russell Rip and James M Hasik look at the problems facing the military and how they are being overcome.

Storm Shadow - Launched in Anger
The RAF fired its first air-launched Storm Shadow Cruise missile on March 21, AFM examines its operational debut.

Precise Strikes
Steve Davies looks at the various precision guided munitions that will hopefully help to minimise civilian casualties in Iraq.

The War Diary
AFM's Mark Ayton relates a day-by-day account of the war so far.

Desert Eagles
F-15s have been patrolling and bombing Iraq since the UN's No Fly Zones were established in 1991 - Steve Davies reports.

Herks for Austria
Austria received its first C-130K Hercules during March. AFM's Mark Ayton was at Marshall's in Cambridge to see the aircraft being handed over.

Military Aircraft of the UK
AFM concludes its 'Survey of British Military Aircraft' written by Dave Willis and assisted by Mark Ayton.

ALARM and Tornado F.3
AFM sheds some light on the secret ALARM and Tornado EF.3 partnership.

GCC Part Three
Michael Knights concludes his survey of Gulf Co-operative Council Air Forces with a look at their current strengths.

USS Theodore Roosevelt
Peter Foster visits the USS Theodore Roosevelt, currently operating in the eastern Mediterranean to support the bombing campaign against Saddam Hussein.

Military aviation crashes around the globe compiled by AFM's Dave Allport.

AFM's Alan Warnes visits Korat AFB, Thailand, to watch forces from Singapore, Thailand and the US participate in a combined exercise