AirForces Monthly - March 2003

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Military aviation news from around the world compiled by the AFM team.

Over Iraq
Exclusive photographs taken during Operation SOUTHERN WATCH sorties from Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia.
Airborne Surveillance On Board the Big Jets
David C Isby looks at the AWACS, Rivet Joint and Joint STARS, and their new capabilities for future conflicts.

Belarus Air Force
Sergey Burdin reviews the changes and describes the current status of the Belarus Air Force. AFM's Alan Dawes translates.

German Tornado ECR
Europe has few SEAD aircraft, but as Steve Davies reports, the one that it does possess is quite a hit with the aircrews.

Military Aircraft of the UK Survey: Part One
AFM's Dave Willis reviews all the types currently in service with the UK's Ministry of Defence.

Air Base Attack
Grounding the enemy as quickly as possible, could be the difference between winning and losing the war, as Lon Nordeen explains.

Top Guns over Pula
US Navy F-14B Tomcats and MiG-21s fight it out over the Croatia skies. Antonio Prlenda was there to witness Exercise JOINT WINGS 2002.

Michigan ANG
The Michigan Air National Guard operate three units with three differing types of aircraft. Ted Carlson flies with them and explains their roles.

Letters and comments from readers, from around the world.

The Iraqi Air Force has a huge inventory of chemical and biological weapons, and as Anthony Tucker-Jones explains, it is not scared to use them.

Survey: Gulf Co-Operative Council Part One
In the thirst of three articles on the GCC, Mike Knights reflects upon its strategic requirements.

Key's Dave Allport looks at recent military aircraft crashes around the world.

The Starlifter
Robert F Dorr takes a look at the Hercules' bigger brother and one of the most important transport aircraft in the USAF in recent years.