AirForces Monthly - February 2003

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Military aviation news from around the world, compiled by AFMOs Alan Dawes and Dave Willis.

Bombing in the UK
AFM's Alan Warnes looks at life on the UKOs bombing ranges, in particular RAF Holbeach, in readiness for the day when RAF aircraft have to drop real weapons.

On Alert for Iraqi Strike
As the stand-off with Iraq reaches a new intensity, Tim Ripley looks at the current status of US and UK air power in the Middle East.

Hellenic Air Force Update
Kostas Dimitropoulos reports on the recent changes, current status and future procurements of the Elliniki Polemiki Aeroporia (Hellenic Air Force) in the opening years of the 21st century.

Who Armed Iraq?
Anthony Tucker-Jones looks at the countries that made Iraq the military force it once was.

A Decade of War
The US has carried out numerous air campaigns against Iraq since the Gulf War in 1991, Michael Knights goes behind the scenes to examine the results.

MOFT : Training in MiG-21s
Phil Camp and Simon Watson visit Assam in North-East India to see how IAF pilots train on the MiG-21.

Israeli Thunders
Shlomo Aloni looks at the Israeli Air Force F-15Is.

J-8 Finback
Jon Lake looks at the evolution of the J-8 Finback, which still continues today.

Attrition 2002
AFM's Dave Willis and Dave Allport review by type, the yearOs military aviation accidents.

Airborne Data Link Evolution
Airborne data link has evolved in many ways over the years, as Steve Davies explains.

A round-up of the worldOs military crashes, compiled by KeyOs Dave Allport.

Co-Operative Key
Another Partnership for Peace exercise, this time giving those nations hoping to join NATO a chance to work with existing members during a hostage scenario. Marnix Sap and Carlo Brummer visit St Dizier.