AirForces Monthly - January 2003

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Military aviation news from around the world, compiled by AFM's Alan Dawes and Dave Willis.

Iran and China Show Reports
AFM's Editor Alan Warnes visits the aerospace shows at Kish Island, Iran and Zhuhai, China.

Super Hornets in Action
Super Hornets from the USS Abraham Lincoln bombed Iraq for the first time early in November. Tim Ripley was on board.

Dragging Darts at Deci
Jim Winchester visits Decimomannu, Sardinia, to see Flight Systems' Skyhawks earning their keep.

Waiting for War - Attacking Iraq
In the second and final part of its study on any air offensive against Iraq, AFM looks at preparations and support in the ground war.

Road Warriors!
Singapore recently held a road exercise and David Boey was there to see the action.

Northern Ireland Air Operations
On the day the Northern Ireland Parliament was dissolved, AFM's Dave Willis was in the Province to see how the military aviation units fulfil their role.

NATO Air Meet 2002
RAF exchange pilot Clive Stinchcombe reports on the recent exercise, which took place at his base at Orland in Norway.

Srpska Air Force
Mark Nixon visits the little-known Republic of Srpska Air Force air arm, formed to protect the Serbian population in Bosnia.

Training Survey
Anthony Tucker Jones reviews the training aircraft requirements of the world's air forces.

Helping Harriers
Eric Strobl and Heinz Berger report on the RAF 1 Sqn recent visit to Sliac in Slovakia.

Chechnya's Second War
Alexander Mladenov gives a fascinating account of Russian Army helicopter operations during the current conflict.

Readers' views on topics covered in AFM.

A round-up of the world's military crashes, compiled by Key's Dave Allport.

Strike Hard Strike Smart
Steve Davies reviews the development and future of the latest series of advanced ground attack munitions.