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The French Foreign Legion

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The French Foreign Legion is a regiment shrouded in mystery and which has cultivated a fearsome reputation which is envied by its allies.

Known for their distinctive white kepis and green and red epaulettes, this elite force emerged in the 1800s and is a renowned branch of the French Army.

Today, the Legion attracts men from all over the world who wish to start a new life – perhaps following a prison term or to simply to run away from their life.

All are given a new identity and their background forgotten. It is a professional military force, contributing to French national defence and has deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and more recently the Congo, Burkina Faso, and Mali.

Our new bookazine ‘The Legion’ will reveal the true story of why young men join, the training, and the lifestyle.

Prefer to read the digital version? The French Foreign Legion

116 Pages

Expected Release Date: March 21st 2024