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Russian Air Power

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Russian Air Power

Russia has an extensive history of domestic military aircraft manufacture and a vast array of air power at its disposal. Despite comprehensive plans to upgrade, renew and replace ageing aircraft and weaponry, heavy sanctions have exposed the country’s reliance on Western technology, and challenged Russia’s ability to acquire materials and equipment. Russia’s air capability has been tested in its war in Ukraine and the weaknesses of its power exposed.

This comprehensive guide details the different types of aircraft that the Russian military has at its disposal including fighters, bombers, surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance aircraft, helicopters, support vehicles, uncrewed weaponry, and maritime aircraft. Within these categories, each aircraft type is detailed, including its production history, life upgrades, weaponry capability and current use in warfare. A detailed specification provides aircraft dimensions, weight, performance, powerplant and armament where appropriate. Packed with more than 275 photographs, this book also provides an overview of Russia’s aerospace forces, with command centres, units and squadrons for the army, navy and air powers all detailed.

Author: Piotr Butowski

Pages: 288 Pages in Hardback

SKU KB0276