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Classic Military Vehicle September 2013

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As I write this I’ve been back from the War and Peace Revival for a week and have more-or-less recovered from the experience. If I’ve ever been to a more physically demanding event, I can’t for the life of me think what it was. But I survived being revived and have just this morning finished wading through the thousands of photos I took, weeding the chaff (of which there is much) from the wheat (there’s a gratifying amount of that too). A few of the pics have dribbled out onto Facebook and elsewhere on the internet but I’ve been careful to keep the best back for the magazine, as you’ll see next month, which will have a heavy W&PR theme. Subsequent issues will then feature some of the standout vehicles that were at W&PR such as Rick Wedlock’s Cromwell. In the meantime, plastered all over this issue is one of the standout vehicles in question, but which I got to point my lenses at a few months ago, Daryl Copeman’s Federal 94x43. And what a stunner it is. Another stunner, albeit you could fit dozens of them in the back of the Copeman Federal, is the Vickers-Carden-Loyd Utility Tractor that Scott Smith takes a look at on page 20. Isn’t it gratifying that despite the economic doom and gloom, enthusiasts are still seeking out the esoteric, unusual and downright impractical to restore? And while they do, we’ll keep featuring it.