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Classic Military Vehicle October 2013

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There are no prizes for guessing what the theme of this month’s issue is. Yes, the War and Peace Revival. In the past, War & Peace coverage has been spread out over several issues but, with the advent of W&PR, we thought we’d try something different and offer it up in one big helping. Of course, in future issues we’ll still be offering in-depth features on individual vehicles such as Rick Wedlock’s ‘best-in-show’ Cromwell and Mick Wilson’s Brockway C666, so don’t despair that they’ve only a passing mention here.

While at W&PR it was heartening to receive such good feedback about the magazine. Paul Hazell’s Project ACRT series is going down well (so well that we’ve given him a month off; he’ll be back in the next issue) and the features we do on restored vehicles seem to be hitting the spot. A reader came up to me at W&PR and said that although he didn’t think that his restoration efforts could ever reach the standard of some of the vehicles we feature, just seeing what was achievable encouraged him to keep on trying. Then just a few hours later I was talking to a very experienced and capable restorer who remarked that it was those same features and photos of completed vehicles that he saw every month in CMV that kept him plugging away on projects when things weren’t going to plan or he was skinning his knuckles in a freezing cold garage over the winter.

That’s really the whole point of such features and you can rest assured that there are more coming along to encourage and inspire