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Rockwell B-1B

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The B-1B carries a heavier conventional bombload than any other bomber in the US Air Force inventory. After 39 years in service, the ‘Bone’ is set to continue flying out to the late 2030s and beyond. Originally an atomic bomber, the B-1 switched to an exclusively conventional role in the mid-1990s.

Since then, the aircraft has demonstrated great versatility, proving itself to be an excellent PGM delivery platform, as well as being cheaper to operate than the B-52H and B-2A! Though only about 45 aircraft remain in service, many regard the B-1B as the backbone and mainstay of Air Force Global Strike Command (GSC).

We tell the often-convoluted story of a strategic bomber that remains ‘Bad to the Bone’.


Bookazine, 116 pages.