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FlyPast October 2017

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The brand new October issue of FlyPast is an extended, 132-page special, featuring a section dedicated to the Allied defence of Malta during World War Two. Including some stunning artwork by Antonis Karidis, we reflect on the desperate struggle to hold on to the strategically important islands as the Axis powers undertook a rigorous bombing campaign. Our exclusive articles focus on the RAF’s efforts to defend the islands and look at a crack German fighter unit, and the impact it had on the hard-pressed opposition.

Featuring exclusive artwork and rarely seen images, our popular Spotlight section focuses on the Supermarine Walrus amphibian, a life-saving aircraft in its day, and an unsung hero of World War Two.

FlyPast editor Chris Gilson travels to Germany to visit a remarkable project that is rebuilding a Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor.

Two famous warbirds – a Mosquito and an Il-2 Shturmovik – have made their airshow debuts – as two B-29 Superfortresses fly together for the first time in decades at Oshkosh.

Iain Murray details the work of an initiative that successfully recovered two Highball bouncing bombs from a Scottish loch.

A look back at the USAF’s Douglas Skywarrior, one of the largest aircraft ever to operate from carriers.

We also profile a Consolidated Catalina that became a successful U-boat hunter during World War Two, and aviation historian Tony Buttler describes the awkward genesis of the Hawker P.1121, a jet that never came to fruition. The use of photo-reconnaissance Spitfires in Swedish hands is examined, and we bring you news of a Great War bomber that has been restored by the Historic Aircraft Collection.

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