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FlyPast March 2022

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The March 2022 issue of FlyPast features a newly-flown Supermarine Spitfire on its cover, and it is spectacularly illustrated within by ace lensman Gavin Conroy. The return to the air of any Spitfire is always newsworthy and we’re delighted to welcome another flyer to the fold, as Mk.XVI TB252 takes to the air in the enviably calm skies of New Zealand.

Classics – Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19
Produced between 1954 and 1968, the MiG-19 was the world's first mass-produced supersonic aircraft. It was primarily used in the Vietnam War where it was sorely tested against US types such as the Phantom and Thunderchief. Malcolm V Lowe details the MiG’s history, alongside exclusive artwork by Andy Hay.

Kemble Buccaneers
Formerly at Bruntingthorpe, the Buccaneer Aviation Group has a new home at former RAF Kemble. Jake Wallace brings us up to date.

FlyPast’s resident warbird pilot Dave Unwin reflects on two memorable flights with Tom Moloney, a decade apart, at the controls of a pair of BAC Strikemasters.

Demon Squadron
Andrew Thomas details the history of the long-running 407 Squadron, which operated Hudsons in World War Two, among many other gallant exploits.

Jimmie Angel
We profile the late James ‘Jimmie’ Angel, a determined and skilled aviator – Angel Falls in Venezuela is named after him.