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FlyPast July 2018

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The latest 132-page issue of FlyPast pays tribute to Britain’s glorious jet age with a series of themed features. Towards the end of World War Two, and especially in the years that followed, Britain can justifiably claim to have led the world in jet technology. Following the Gloster Meteor, the only Allied jet to see service before VE Day, British manufacturers were responsible for a range of innovative successors, including our cover star, the twin-boomed Vampire, and the legendary Comet airliner.

Dambusters Revisited
Marking the 75th anniversary of Operation ‘Chastise’, Steve Beebee visited the Möhne and Eder dams in Germany.

Target Britain
For 12 days in 1942 the Luftwaffe hit British towns that appeared in the Baedeker travel guide. Chris Goss assesses these raids.

Flying the Stieglitz
Our resident warbird pilot Dave Unwin samples the Focke-Wulf Fw 44 Stieglitz.

Dragon Lady
Lockheed U-2 pilot Lt Col Rick Bishop recalls high altitude missions that took samples from Chinese nuclear weapon tests.

Warren E Thompson talks to Martin B-26 crews about their exploits from North Africa to Germany.

We also visit this year’s Warbirds Over Wanaka airshow in New Zealand, while Scott Lester drops in at the Aviation Heritage Museum in Bull Creek, Western Australia. Closer to home, Nigel Price brings us the latest news from the RAF Museum Cosford’s Michael Beetham Conservation Centre, where a Wellington and Hampden – among others – are being worked on. We also bring news of a Greek Spitfire that’s being rebuilt at Biggin Hill, and a P-47D Thunderbolt that has returned to the UK.