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FlyPast August 2016

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The new FlyPast is in UK shops now! In the latest issue we take a close look at Gloster Javelin operations in the Cold War. Michael Napier describes the career of this powerful all-weather delta, a British warrior that is often overlooked in the history books. Our Spotlight section also examines a sometimes forgotten hero, the Douglas Boston, including exclusive artwork and rarely seen images.

A tour of the Oliver Collection in Cheshire, which now includes an exciting pair of warbird restoration projects.

Chris Goss details Bf 109 pilot Hans Ohly’s experiences during the invasion of Russia.

Lockheed’s P-38 was adapted as a night-fighter for the Pacific theatre. Warren E Thompson describes its evolution.

Roger Soupart explains why numerous US aircraft were retired to the Pacific island of Biak after World War Two.

Lt Col Robert Renner talks to pilot Richard Grace about Seafire III PP972. Air-to-air photography from John Dibbs.

Plus, Andrew Thomas concludes his look at how USAAF pilots attempted to prevent V-1 bombs from reaching their targets, and Chris Gilson pays a visit to RAF Gatow in Berlin, now home to the official museum of the Luftwaffe. We also look at the role of the Irish Air Corps in wartime, highlight a remarkable project to restore a Fairey Barracuda that’s under way at Yeovilton, and bring you all the latest news and airshow reports.