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Daimler Coaches in Colour

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Daimler Coaches in Colour

The Daimler Company was one of the oldest established builders of PSV chassis in the United Kingdom and enjoyed a reputation for quality and innovation, particularly with the fluid flywheel. From the earliest charabancs on solid tyres, through the half-cab front-engined CVD6 and underfloor-engined Freelines to the rear-engined Roadliner, Daimler continued to prove their reputation was well earned. Ownership of the company changed several times over the years, until they were finally absorbed into the British Leyland empire, sealing their fate and eventual demise. With over 100 colour images, this title provides insight into the history of Daimler throughout the years.

Author: Jim Neale

Paperback, 128 pages

Product Code:  KB0073