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BUSES Yearbook 2024

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ISBN: 9781802828047

First published for Christmas 1963, the Buses Yearbook offers a mix of chapters and photo features on matters topical and nostalgic. These include a look at the return of Greater Manchester's buses to local control with its Bee Network of franchised services, and the likely adoption of a similar policy elsewhere, starting in Merseyside. Among the nostalgic content is a recollection of Devon General in the 1970s, the appeal of Daimler double-deckers, the revival of Dennis as a major manufacturer from the 1980s and the British double-deckers, mainly from London, that have carried tourists at the Niagara Falls in Canada. There also are chapters on East Yorkshire, Belfast and Dublin, Edinburgh and much more.

Author/editor: Alan Millar

Pages: 132pp

ISBN: 978 1 80282 804 7

Expected release date September 3, 2023