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El Al Airlines

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ISBN: 9781802828733

El Al; Airlines Series Vol 21

The history of El Al, the Israeli national flag carrier, dates back to September 1948, when a former Israeli Air Force C-54B-15-DO Skymaster cargo/passenger aircraft was repurposed for paying passengers.

Since that time, the airline has connected Israel with many destinations around the world, as far afield as New York in the US and Johannesburg in South Africa.

Today it operates with a fleet of 46 passenger planes and one cargo aircraft.

The airline’s growth and development have been determined in part by its geographical location and the politics of its nation.

Challenged by the lack of opportunity to refuel mid-journey, Israel’s isolation provided the incentive and opportunity to design and build jets that flew further and used fuel more efficiently in order to travel faster across greater distances.

The airline upgrades its aircraft regularly, with new, efficient aircraft a priority. Its back catalogue of aircraft includes Boeing 707 narrow-body passenger aircraft, as well as 720s, 747s and 787 Dream liners.

Today its Boeing 787 aircraft are helping expand the airline’s routes as well as profitability. El Al’s aircraft have often participated in major humanitarian relief operations and repatriated Jewish peoples to Israel.

With more than 100 historic and contemporary photographs of El Al’s aircraft in action, this is a highly illustrated account of the growth and development of a national carrier.

Author: Babak Taghvaee

96 Page Softback Book

Expected Release Date: January 31st 2024