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Delta Air Lines

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ISBN: 9781802827712

Delta Air Lines; Airlines Series Vol 20

Delta Air Lines is one of the world’s longest serving and most successful carriers. With a fleet of more than 900 aircraft serving destinations all around the world, it is also one of the world’s largest.

The history of Delta Air Lines reveals an inspirational account of how one man saw an opportunity to create a business in the early days of aviation, and from it, one of the most influential air carriers evolved.

Founded as Huff Daland Dusters in 1925, the business was established to provide an agricultural service tackling the boll weevil using airborne spraying aircraft. Soon opportunities came about to expand into airmail routes and passenger operations, and the rest is history.

This fully illustrated book charts the history of Delta from its founding to today’s contemporary fleet of airliners. Also included is a review of the giant Atlanta hub operation, plus the history of some of the airlines that have become part of Delta, including Chicago & Southern, Northeast Airlines, Western Airlines, and Northwest Airlines, as well as that of the Delta Connection feeder carrier.

Author: Matt Falcus

96 Page Softback Book

Expected Release Date: January 31st 2024