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The Secret Life of an Airport: A Look Behind the Scenes

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ISBN: 9781802825084

The Secret Life of an Airport: Airside – A Look Behind the Scenes

Showcasing many of the jobs often performed out of sight of the passengers, roles that many are often completely unaware of, this book is an up close and personal look behind the scenes at the world’s airports.

From behind the big red doors of the Airport Fire and Rescue service and the glass of the control towers to the men and women in high visibility jackets that swarm around a commercial airliner, this book shines a light on the unseen, but critical, jobs at an airport, without which commercial aviation as we know it today would not exist.

Cultivated from years of visiting airports around the globe, researching and compiling information and photographs, this book intends to not only inform but entertain the reader with stories, anecdotes and secrets from ‘Airside’.

Authored By: Martyn Cartledge

Pages: 128