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Britain at War is dedicated to exploring every aspect of Britain’s involvement in conflicts from the turn of the 20th century through to modern day. From World War I to the Falklands, World War II to Iraq, readers are able to re-live decisive moments in Britain’s history through fascinating insight combined with rare and previously unseen photography.

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Albert Ball VC

As one of the very first aces in the very first air combat war, the daring exploits of pilot Albert Ball in the 1st World War caught the public imagination like no other. He became possibly the first ‘celebrity’ ace and almost every other pilot competed to equal or surpass his mounting score of ‘kills’. Waging his solitary aerial war, Ball became an inspiration to the RFC at a time when its squadrons were being badly mauled. Ultimately he accounted for 44 German aircraft and was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. 280 pages, paperback.



Cruise of the Sea Eagle

On December 21, 1916, a three-masted sailing ship slipped out of the river Weser in Northern Germany. Her captain had false papers, a deliberately damaged logbook, and a young sailor with a blonde wig to pose as his wife. The ship sailed under a false flag and even her name – the Hero – was a ruse. So begins the amazing true story of The Cruise of the Sea Eagle, the account of Felix von Luckner, the Imperial German Navy raider set upon the high seas of WWI to sink Britain’s vital wartime supply ships. 272 pages, paperback.

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