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Published monthly, AirForces Monthly is devoted entirely to modern military aircraft and their air arms. It has built up a formidable reputation worldwide by reporting from places not generally covered by other military magazines. Its world news is the best around, covering all aspects of military aviation, region by region; offering features on the strengths of the world's air forces, their conflicts, weaponry and exercises. AirForces Monthly presents an unrivalled combination of news and reporting, aided by the best network of freelance reporters anywhere in the world.

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Witness cutting-edge fighter jets in their element with this collection of 5 stunning aviation films from renowned filmmaker Lionel Charlet. This ‘best of’ collection showcases Charlet’s phenomenal camera work to give the viewer a unique look at aircraft including Mirage, Rafale and F-18 in the dramatic setting of the Swiss Alps.

Region-Free DVD. Duration: 115 Minutes.


AirUtopia join 2/33 Squadron in Mont-de-Marsan Air Force Base in France with coverage of the F-1 including exclusive footage of the war in Mali and flights over Africa. After four decades of service, Dassault's durable air superiority fighter and attack aircraft is still a force to be reckoned with - this superb DVD tribute takes you inside the cockpit to see what made it a French Air Force legend.

Region-Free DVD. Duration: 70 Minutes.

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