Gulf War

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Gulf War looks back on the air war over the Gulf 25 years ago, as a US-led Coalition ousted Iraqi forces from Kuwait.  Extensively illustrated with photographs from the conflict, including many from private collections, it tells the story of the air war in the Gulf from August 1990 to today.

With a history of Operation Desert Storm, including pilot accounts, and details of the aircraft and air forces involved, this 100-page publication is a must-have for those seeking to understand the conflict that changed the shape of warfare


The Campaign
Operation Desert Shield and the build up of Coalition forces, the air-to-air combats and daring attacks of the initial stages of Desert Storm, and the brief ground war are described, before the story of Coalition involvement in the country is brought up to date

Air Power
Examining the Coalition contributions of the UK, US, France and the Arab coalition, plus the Iraqi Air Force

Desert Storm provided the operational swansong for some types, including the A-6, A-7, F-4 and F-111, while enabling others, among them the A-10 and Tornado, to prove themselves in combat for the first time

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