Airbus A380 V2

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By: Wilco Publishing
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The newly constructed A380 is rolled out of its hangar for its maiden test flight. Airport and Airbus staff have joined government officials and members of the public to see the flight off.

As Official Test Pilot, you will embark your A380 for a 60 minutes Maiden Flight. After a (hopefully) successful take-off from Toulouse Blagnac, you will be asked to execute a smooth touch-and-go in Spain, over majestic Pyrenees mountains and 'hollywood-type' cinematics sequences. During the flight, ground engineers will ask you to perform in-flight tests over beautiful landscapes and the Atlantic ocean. Then, you will be directed to the factory home base so that the test sensor data can be offloaded.

This Flight Simulator X mission, supplied in different complexity levels, allow beginner and expert pilots alike to train through a step-by-step tutorial, from cold and dark cockpit to full kiss landing. The missions feature English voices and subtitles displayed in English, German or French.


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