Steam Days - July 2016

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Trains of Thought

When steam ended at Oxford – well almost!
Sunday, 2 January 1966 was the day the Western Region finished with standard gauge steam locomotives, but Mike Page recalls how steam was not yet dead at Oxford.

Rails to Coltness and Cambusnethan
Robin C. Nelson describes how the need to serve Coltness Iron Works gave birth to railways in Cambusnethan parish, while the surrounding communities of Wishaw, Newmains and Morningside justified some passenger operations.

STEAM DAYS in Colour No 139: Air-smoothed Bulleid Light Pacifics
A handful of these so-called ‘Spam Cans’ served until the end of Southern steam.

Pre-LMS four-coupled survivors: L&YR 2-4-2T No 1008 and LT&SR 4-4-2T Thundersley
Inherited by the LMS, Philip Atkins reviews two pre-Grouping passenger tanks – chalk and cheese in the National Collection.

Steam Days at Ipswich
The development of the railway network around this Suffolk town is tracked by Stanley Jenkins.

Tail Lamp – Readers’ letters