Britain at War - July 2016

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Somme Success
The Imperial War Museum’s Peter Hart explains how the Royal Flying Corps won its Battle of the Somme and ‘came of age’ as it evolved into a vital war-winning arm.

The Somme – 1916
Marking the centenary of this milestone battle of the First World War, historians Peter Doyle and Robin Schäfer look at the battle through the eyes of men on both sides who served, fought and died in the horror of the Battle of the Somme, using the soldiers own words and compelling testimonies to tell the story on a very personal level. Plus, John Ash offers a tribute to the fallen and challenges perceptions after groundbreaking new research from the National Army Musuem unveils how 'forgotten' the battle really is. Across twenty-six pages of special content we reveal imagery and accounts that have never been seen before. Lest we forget.


Reputations: Rising High
Oliver Thébault assesses the career of prominent Great War leader Sir William Robertson, the only man to join the British Army as a Private and leave as Field Marshal.

Martha’s Demise: A Battle of Britain Photo Album
A recent discovery of a ‘photo album at a boot fair sheds light on life under the battle-torn skies of Britain in 1940 and charts the last moments of a Heinkel He 111 bomber. Andy Saunders pieces together the story behind some unique photographs.

Valour at the Third Attempt
Steve Snelling charts the story of one of the most audacious daylight raids of the war, the RAF’s twice aborted and daring low-level attack against the German port of Bremen.

Sherwood Forest’s ‘Black Gold’
Noted historian Joshua Levine explains how Sherwood Forest and its rare reserve of high-quality oil became so vital to the British war effort.

From Fledglings to Eagles
Alistair Goodrum takes up the story of American volunteer pilots eager to fight for Britain in the RAF long before the United States officially entered the war.

The Final Engagement
Veteran Harrier pilot David Morgan returns with another first-person account of a dangerous and nerve-tingling battle against Argentine fighters over the Falklands.


News, restorations, discoveries and events from around the World.

Field Post
Your letters, input and feedback.

First World War Diary
Our continuing look at the key events of the First World War arrives at July 1916 as the legacy of the Great War’s brutality is forever seared into history during the Battle of the Somme.

Recon Report
Our reviewers take a look at new books and products and choose Alexandra Churchill’s excellent new Somme book as our Book of the Month.

Great War Gallantry
Our monthly look at gallantry awards announced in the London Gazette reaches July, which includes another ‘Hero of the Month’ as selected by Lord Ashcroft.

The First World War in Objects
A Royal Navy ensign from a capital ship at the Battle of Jutland is this month’s Great War object.


Christopher Nolan’s new war film goes into production.