Britain at War - June 2016

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Tit for Tat
In our cover story, Chris Goss describes the RAF’s efforts to combat the ‘Scourge of the Atlantic’ and a climatic action between a Whitley and a Focke Wulf Fw 200 Condor.

Limping Home - Part Two
Chris Goss shares more from his collection of photographs showing German aircraft which barely made it home following Blitz missions over Britain during 1940 and 1941.

Every Picture Tells a Story
Paul Kendall tells the story of a number of the men pictured together prior to the daring St George’s Day raid on the port of Zeebrugge in 1918.

Skimming to Victory
Steve Snelling charts the story of the Royal Navy’s torpedo boat raiders in one of their most courageous, skilled and yet virtually unknown operations when they attacked the potent Bolshevik fleet in Russia.

The Manipur Mohawks
Although bordering on obsolescence, the Mohawks of 155 Squadron RAF put up a more than creditable performance against the Japanese. Andrew Thomas tells their story.

A Plucky Young Girl
Andy Saunders tells how rescue efforts earned George Medals for the emergency services and a Girl Guides' Gilt Cross for a young girl buried under the rubble after a raid on Eastbourne in 1940.

A Short War
A faded photograph from the First World War reveals the story behind a British aircraft loss and the fate of its young crew.

Do Your Duty...
Joshua Dine looks at the story of Britain’s iconic chocolate and confectionary company during the First World War.

Doomed: HMS Queen Mary at Jutland
Peter Hart looks at the Battle of Jutland, with a focus on the Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Mary and the catastrophic fate that befell her during the 1916 battle with the German High Seas Fleet.

Hunters Turned Saviours
John Ash describes the Cold War disaster which befell HMS Truculent as she sailed off the Kent Coast in January 1950, along with the fate of the sub-hunting Lancaster sent to her aid.

The Day Sussex Died
Paul Reed details the harrowing tragedy which engulfed the Royal Sussex Regiment on the eve of the Battle of the Somme, an event which had a profound and lasting impact right across the regiment’s home county.


News, restorations, discoveries and events from around the World.

Image of War
Clearing a legacy: The efforts to remove a once mighty 50,000 ton relic of the Second World War which was destroyed by pinpoint accuracy and world-leading innovation.

Your letters, input and feedback.

Recon Report
June’s ‘Book of the Month’, a photographic history of the USAAF’s 56th Fighter Group.

War Posters
Our series looking at wartime posters continues with Phil Jarman examining the work of Joyce Denny and her recruiting poster for the Women’s Royal Naval Service.

First World War Diary
Our monthly look at the key events of the First World War reaches June 1916 as Lord Kitchener departs on his last journey and rebellion erupts in the Middle East.

War Memorials
In our regular series in conjunction with War Memorials Trust we travel to East Kent to look at Elham’s monument to its war dead.

Great War Gallantry
We continue our monthly look at awards for gallantry announced in The London Gazette, including another ‘Hero of the Month’ selected by Lord Ashcroft.

The First World War in Objects
Our object from The Great War this month is the Mercantile Marine Medal.


In Winston’s Footsteps
We report on the sentimental journey along the Western Front by Randolph Churchill, the legendary Prime Minister’s great grandson, completed with Nigel Dewar Gibb the son of Churchill’s Adjutant.