Britain at War - March 2016

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The Ark Has Finally Sunk
Alexander Nicoll reports on how U-81 was able to catch up with the seemingly invincible nine-lived carrier HMS Ark Royal, finally sending her to the bottom in 1941

The Cherry Pickers
An account of the 11th (Prince Albert’s Own) Hussars and the role of its cavalry during The Great War is given by Toby Brayley, Assistant Curator at The Museum of The King’s Royal Hussars.

Winter Line Blues
The Imperial War Museum’s Peter Hart tells of the story of the 16th Durham Light Infantry and their part in the winter offensive leading to the capture of Mount Camino, Italy.

Blooding Friedrich
Chris Goss picks up the story of the Messerschmitt 109-F and the impact the type had at the very end of the Battle of Britain when in the hands of the Luftwaffe’s top scoring aces.

Stand By To Ram!
The plucky tale of HMS Li Wo is charted by Steve Snelling as a riverboat stands heroically in the face of Imperial Japan’s Singapore invasion.

The ‘Ruhr Express’
The fascinating story of one of Canada’s most famous and yet jinxed Lancasters, the ‘Ruhr Express’, is told by Ken Cothliff.

Hande Hoch!
Chris Goss tells the story behind a trio of images depicting the aftermath of an aerial duel over the Western Front in 1916.


Against Destiny: Spitfire at 80
The story of one of the fabled Spitfires’ last combat actions in Europe, the downing of FW-190s by 41 Sqn RAF, is told by Steve Brew to mark the 80th anniversary of the aircraft’s first flight.

Image of War
An atmospheric photograph of the iconic Spitfire during its ‘Finest Hour’.

Six Times Lucky
The story of the many remarkable escapes and escapades of one Battle of Britain pilot commemorates the role of the Spitfire and the ‘Few’ who flew the aircraft during that hectic summer of 1940.


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First World War Diary
Our monthly look at some of the First World War’s key events reaches March 1916. Fallout from the Siege of Kut continues and the Battle of Verdun takes an increasingly bloody turn.

Recon Report
The editorial team review new books and products, including our book of the month which is a title that examines both success and failure at the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

War Posters
Continuing our regular series, Phil Jarman analyses the techniques used in a remarkable Victory Garden poster.

War Memorials
In our regular series on the nation’s war memorials in conjunction with War Memorials Trust, we visit Keele’s monument to the fallen.

Great War Gallantry
We look at some of the gallantry awards announced in The London Gazette for March 1916, including another ‘Hero of the Month’ selected by Lord Ashcroft

The First World War in Objects
This issue, we feature the nose cone from a German shell fired at the town of Scarborough in 1914, a startling reminder of when the First World War came to British shores.


Battle of Britain Aircraft Survey
Richard Paver gets access behind the hanger doors at the RAF Musuem Hendon to view Battle of Britain aircraft undergoing dismantling as part of an in-depth condition survey.


Guernsey Fortress Sale
Simon Hamon reports on the extraordinary sale of a recognisable Channel Island strongpoint adapted by the occupying German force.